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Welcome to Nocada IT-Konsult. Senior IT-Consultant with long experience from software development and architecture in various types of corporations and organisations. Specialized in solutions for computer-based assessments.

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HotSpot Viewer

Viewer of HotSpot / Drag & Drop Questions

Nocada has developed a Questionmark  Perception add-on product that allows subject experts and similar roles to exactly recreate the participants placements of picture elements in hotspot / drag & drop questions. This can be necessary during try-outs phases or during development of assortments.

ScreenShots (currently in swedish)

Application used to display all results and possibility to see how the participant has placed the markers directly or in a pdf.
(Click on picture to enlarge)
Example of a answer, shows how the participants have placed the different markers on the map. (Click on picture to enlarge)



The last example shows all placement of the markers for a whole group, this is essential information during try-out phases or during assessment development in order to see not only that the markers has been placed wrong but exactly where it has been placed. Almost a must-have then development assessment with hotspot or drag & drop questions. (Click on picture to enlarge)



More info will be added soon!


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