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Advanced Essay Editor / ResultEngine

Advanced Essay Editor

Advanced Essay Editor is a replacement for Questionmark Perceptions regular essay question with much more advanced formatting features, word counting and optional limitations of number of words, full HTML support etc.
The solution was developed in order to meet the needs for a essay editor with the ability to functionality such as the creation of web pages or
when the design or formatting of the essay are essential for the judgement of the essay question.

Example of Advanced Essay Editor (click on picture to enlarge)


For a online demo: Check this link and use the login sent in mail.


QM_ResultViewerThe editor are part of a whole solution for advanced essay queries and also incorporates a ResultEngine for easy handling of results. It’s replace the old and bulky Resulteditor in Questionmark Perception Enterprise Manager.





Instead the ResultEngine use the essay answers collected in QM database and offers complete HTML formatting, customized branding and appearance of the generated .pdf files, possibility to save as a file or directly to a database.

It also features two versions of the created .pfs:

1.One with full information about the participant including name, address etc. This part are saved by an administrator as the reference answer.

2.The other type of .pdf have the same information including html formatted answers but with a random generated number as the identification of  the participant. These pdf:s are distributed to the teachers or the group that’s correcting the assessments, this guarantee a neutral judging of the participant.

3.Between the two types the ResultEngine creates a cross-index table which identifies the random generated numbers with the real participants. The administrator use this for registrations of each participants score as the last step in the process.


The idea behind this is to guaranty the participant that a correct and fair judgement has been conducted.

Example PDF:s

Example of the generated .pdf:s can be found here: PDFExample1_2012-02-21 and PDFExample2_2012-02-21

For further questions, demos or for price information, don’t hesitate to contact me.